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About Peace and Light Midwifery

              I offer private personalised Midwifery care tailored to your needs...sensitive, respectful, caring, compassionate and professional. Continuity of care with a known and trusted carer has been shown to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes as well as enhance the experience of the journey into parenthood. I believe in the essential normality of pregnancy and birth, the value of psychological and emotional safety throughout the progress of your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, and the importance of equal collaboration with professional, balanced information sharing to assist you in making informed choices about your care, to explore all relevant options including the place of your baby's birth. Appointments are arranged for mutually agreed times and can be in the comfort of your own home. 

 Midwife Helen Robinson
My experience and approach...

I am an experienced Registered Midwife with a variety of Midwifery experience over 25 years. I have 20 years NHS experience in three Hospital and Community settings, including promoting and supporting Home birth. I returned to the UK in December 2015 after four years living and working in Western Australia, where I was privileged to work with the Community Midwifery Program, a caseloading (continuity of care), low risk Midwifery care and Homebirth program. I have decided to work independently because I wish to offer the gold standard of continuity of care and by caring for and supporting women and their families without the time and budget constraints in the current NHS, and in accordance with your needs, values and choices. As a Midwife I am professionally and legally accountable for the care and advice I give, and maintain my skills, knowledge and competence by regular updates and ongoing learning.

As a person I am calm, caring and compassionate. I bring inner strength and calm focus to stressful moments. I am sensitive and perceptive to your needs, respectful of your decisions and priorities, professional and watchful. I believe in the inherent normality and preciousness of pregnancy, birth, women's bodies and the uniqueness of your journey, as well as the wonderful gift of your new little individual. I aim to tailor my care and support to your needs. Please refer to my Philosophy of care and testimonials!

I am a Mum to four amazing children from 11 to 26 years old, I have personal understanding of the experiences of pregnancy, birth and transition to parenthood. Therefore, I have the wisdom and perspectives which my own experiences as a Midwife and Mum have brought me, however my priority is to value your unique journey and understand the influences of your personality, experiences and life situation, to 'get' you and your family.

I am a woman of faith and would like to offer the benefits of Christian prayer ministry as part of our journey together, if you are interested please let me know. I am sensitive to people of other faiths or none, this is a free 'optional extra' and not a pre-requisite for my care and attention. 

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