What's in a Name?
I chose the name 'Peace and Light Midwifery' because these are the qualities I hope to embody in my work with families. As a person I have been told I carry peace into situations and environments, and I also aim to bring light in terms of clarity and understanding, as we discuss options, consider their implications and support your choices.
True peace comes not merely from an absence of stress or distress, but in a deeper sense of wellbeing and acceptance. My aim is that you will be well-prepared, knowledgeable and assured in your decisions, feel supported, safe and loved so that you can be confidently expectant, and able to deal with the stages and events on your journey from a place​ of deep assurance and with skilled care and support.​
What's in a Logo?
The Logo I have chosen as a symbol to represent myself and how I work (see the image below), has three elements...
Caring hands holding a flower...speaks of the care and sensitivity I use in caring for my clients and their families...like a flower, pregnancy, birth and the early days with your newborn are beautiful and they unfold in unique and precious ways, which need cherishing, honouring and handling with care!
Ripples...speak of influence and wider impact...I believe the little things matter, the words we use, the way we communicate, being there, kindness, sensitivity and respect, involving your partner, children in ways that you wish...these things have a profound and far reaching impact on how you remember your birth and how you feel about becoming a parent.
Butterfly...For me, this refers to the process of transformation in the butterfly's life cycle, who would have guessed (had we not known) what a caterpillar would become? Similarly we embark on the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of pregnancy and birth, and we grow, prepare and develop in so many ways to meet our new baby and be his or her parents. Like the butterfly in the logo, my intent is that you will emerge ready to fly, to be assured as parents and confident to make choices and decisions for the welfare of your baby and family.
P&L Logo 1.jpg