Healthy Pregnancy

Midwifery Services

Full Package of Private Midwifery Care

The full package of care begins with a Booking appointment, ideally around 10-12 weeks, or at any time during your pregnancy when you choose me as your Midwife. I will want to ask about your medical history and any previous pregnancies and births, as well as discuss how to promote a healthy pregnancy and get to know you, your family situation, and discuss options and choices around birth.


We would plan to meet for regular appointments and according to your needs and preferences, to monitor your health and wellbeing, and the progress of your pregnancy, discuss your options for tests and preparation for birth and the early days with your new baby. Appointments are offered at mutually convenient times in the comfort of your own home, with flexibility and time to discuss any concerns and choices, and support you in the changes and challenges of being expectant parents.

I offer labour and birth care at home or in birth or hospital centres. However, in common with other Independent Midwives, in hospitals we may sometimes act as a support person rather than care provider depending on the situation and any existing relationships with the hospital. At home I carry all necessary equipment.

Postnatal care begins at birth, with undisturbed time and skin to skin care (as desired) facilitated with your newborn, and support to initiate feeding. I offer daily visits initially in your home following the birth, to offer support in the exciting transition to parenting, monitor the health and progress of mother and baby, advise on what to expect and assist as needed with early feeding. Visits can continue as required during the first four to six weeks.

Antenatal and Postnatal care

Antenatal and Postnatal care packages are available for those wishing to birth with the local NHS but wanting some extra care and support either during your pregnancy, or in birth planning, or for the early days and weeks with your newborn. I can offer personal individualised care, unhurried appointments, and support and continuity (see my Philosophy of Care). 

I have experience in
  •  Low Risk Pregnancy 

  •  Midwifery care alongside other professionals in high risk pregnancies.

  •  Home birth

  •  Water birth

  •  Normal and assisted Births 

  •  Natural coping strategies in Labour and Birth

  •  Suturing as needed  

  •  Management of the unexpected during or after Birth

  •  Facilitate/activate transfer to Maternity Hospital if/when needed or desired.  

  •  Breastfeeding, including feeding plans if difficulties arise. 

  •  Labour and Birth Debriefing  

'One off' or 'Top up Care'


If you would like to enquire regarding additional Antenatal (Pregnancy) or Postnatal appointments over and above your scheduled NHS care, please contact me below. I offer single appointments, perhaps to discuss balanced information pertinent to your stage and the progress of your pregnancy, or for additional postnatal support, for £100 per appointment.

If you would like to discuss a package of Antenatal and Postnatal care only, please contact me.

Extra Services include;

  1. Labour and Birth Debriefing. Whether you have given birth recently, or some time (even many years) ago, if you have outstanding questions or emotional difficulties relating to your experience, or the events at the time, I may be able to help you with a debriefing session. Either I can simply listen to your experience, and assist you to process what happened, or if you have particular questions it will help if you can obtain a copy of your Notes and we can look through them together. 

  2. Sensitive care tailored to your individual needs, for example emotional or psychological needs. We have time to spend listening and discussing your hopes and situation at each appointment, so there is time to ask questions, explore concerns in an unhurried, non-judgemental and balanced way, to assist and support you in your journey into new territory which is pregnancy and parenting. I am available to you during usual hours to answer questions, or we can arrange additional appointments as needed (I usually charge £100 for 'one off' appointments, depending where you live).

  3. Birth preparation and planning for you and your partner.

Insurance and Back up arrangements.

I am working with 'Private Midwives' who have medical indemnity insurance (which is a legal requirement for health care professionals) which covers the whole package of care from Antenatal booking, ongoing care including birth (home birth or support in hospital where that can be negotiated with the NHS Maternity Unit) and postnatal care. See the Private Midwives website for details of packages and prices

I can offer Antenatal (pregnancy) care and postnatal care as an Independent Midwife, my indemnity cover is through membership of the Royal College of Nursing for Antenatal and Postnatal care only (this does not cover attendance at births).

I have worked/ am working with other Independent and Private Midwives in our area. Those of us who work with 'Private Midwives' are insured to provide a 'back up' service to one another's clients, eg in the rare event of their chosen Midwife being unavailable through illness or accident, or simply as a second Midwife at the Birth (in the home) to offer support and medical assistance if needed. We like to arrange to meet one another's clients for an Antenatal check and birth discussion so that you have met and are happy with the back up Midwife.